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Environmental and
Social Compliance

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Mad Engine Global, LLC is proud to be members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. We take great care in following the best sustainability practices and measures in manufacturing. We do regular audits to ensure compliance to labor laws, infrastructure and environmental safety, and ethical production. We also give equal importance to the social and economical well-being of our community, providing programs that help over a million people. 


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In Our Offices

  • Our San Diego office is Green Business Certified
  • Utilizing solar in San Diego and Chico offices to provide up to 50% of renewable energy
  • Providing Recycling programs within all locations
  • Established water stations at our facilities while providing all employees reusable water bottles
  • All facilities have low energy lighting (including warehouses)

For Our POD Production

  • Eco friendly water-based inks with Inkjet printing creates zero water waste
  • Uses minimal water and have non exposure certifications for producing no contaminatedwastewaters
  • The DTG machines are a green technology by producing no pollutants, toxic fumes or waste pollution.
  • Mailers used are made with 55% recycled material

Mad Engine’s Good Works Program

  • We value our community and our proud to be able to help those around us. Through our good works program, we have helped over a million people with our donations. Over the years we have donated to
  • programs like the Boys & Girls Club of America, Blood Drives, City of Hope, Shelter Partnership, and
  • hundreds of more charities and partnerships.


Initiatives we have sponsored:

  • We donated a million masks during Covid where we recycled t-shirts into masks to give away to the community
  • For several years we have partnered and donated tees with the Blood Drive at Comic-Con to help motivate people to donate blood
    Computers for classrooms program which diverts electronic waste
    For several years we have donated apparel to Boys & Girls Club of America, local charities, school’s, homeless, and children in need
    Mad Engine Million Masks Giveaway:

Within Our Supply Chain

  • 30-50% of our Licensed programs are BCI Cotton
  • Use recycled and recyclable packaging materials
  • To report on 90% of our supply chains emissions by 2023
  • Overall reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 10% and 5% for Scope 3 in the next 5 years.


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The Mad Engine Take Back program, launched on Earth Day 4/22 with our brands LRG and NEFF will allow customers to return apparel product to be recycled into new materials such as insulation and sport equipment.

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Consumers can go onto the brand websites for instructions on how to return their product. Mad Engine will provide customers discounts on their next purchases on brands sites. The products will then be upcycled with Mad Engine’s recycling partners reducing the impact on the environment. Mad Engine is currently working with its licensing and retail partners so that all Mad Engine apparel can be returned through the Mad Engine Take Back Program.


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