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Sell officially licensed Marvel merchandise before you can say Bam, Pow, Thwip!

Select & add products. Sell within minutes!

Seller focused

Sell officially licensed Marvel® merchandise with the click of a button! The Marvel Design Collection allows Shopify merchants to quickly download ready-to-sell official merchandise, while also automatically handling printing, shipping, tracking, and billing for app users. Avoid the hassle of physical inventory by drop shipping directly to customers. 

Shopify merchants can now focus on selling products because, like the Hulk, the Marvel app will do the heavy lifting for them!

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Exclusive access

The free-to-install Marvel® app, available on the Shopify platform, offers exclusive access to a catalog of hundreds of designs. Select products from Marvel’s blockbuster films and classic comic books, available in fashionable apparel and accessories from specialty tie-dye to drinkware!

Dedicated Team

The app dashboard allows for a stress-free selling experience that includes a streamlined management system, products designed by professional artists and trend experts, a dedicated Customer Service team, and the chance to maximize store owner profits with easy product mark-ups.

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Become a part of the Marvel legacy!

Bring the imagination of the Marvel Universe to millions of fans in minutes!

icons_01 Officially -Licensed

Officially Licensed

Add officially licensed Marvel apparel/accessories to your store from the app.

icons_02 Monthly -Updates

Monthly Updates

Receive monthly updates on exclusives products, available only to Marvel app users.

icons_03 Automatically Managed

Automatically Managed

Orders are automatically managed by the app for stress-free selling, shipping and tracking.

icons_04 Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Receive tracking information + automatically update customers.

icons_05 Automatic Billing

Automatic Billing

Products and orders are automatically billed to your Shopify account.

icons_06 Custom Markup

Custom Markup

Adjust product markup for optimal profits.

icons_07 Customer- Service

Customer Service

A dedicated team of Customer Service representatives.

icons_08 Free -Installation

Free Installation

*Additional charges may apply.

icons_09 Drop Ship

Drop Ship

No Inventory Hassles.

App Help & FAQ


Installing the App

The Marvel Design Collection app can be installed into your account directly from the Shopify App Store. Click the “Add app” button to install the app. The direct link to the app is:

Approve the Billing

During the installation process, the app will prompt you to accept the billing charges. Every successful order will bill your Shopify account for the wholesale merchandise and shipping costs.

Adding Products to Your Store

You can add products to your Shopify store directly from the app. The app offers a “Grid View” and a “List View” to display the products. The Grid View allows you to see large images of the merchandise available and permits you to quickly add the products you would like in your storefront. The List View is designed for bulk adding a large number of products, including a quick transfer of the full catalog to your store. 

The Grid View

From the Grid View you can see all of the available items, based upon your selection. You can click on any item to see more details and to individually add that item to your Shopify store.

The List View

From the List View you can see listings of all the available items based upon your selection. You can click on any item to see more details and to individually add that item to your Shopify store. You can use the checkbox next to each item to bulk add those products into your store. When you click on any checkbox, additional buttons will appear with the add/remove action.

Add the Full Catalog

You can quickly add the full catalog to your store from the List View. Use the “Select All” checkbox to activate the “Add Full Catalog” button. Click this button to start the process of adding the full catalog. This process will run in the backend and may take about 5 – 10 minutes to complete.

Fulfillment Service

When you add a product to your Shopify store from the Marvel Design Collection app, it will automatically assign that product to the “Marvel Fulfillment” service. This allows the app to manage the product and provide tracking information. Do not change the inventory location or the app will not be able to fulfill that item. 

The Marvel app will also add the SKU and barcode for each respective item. Do not edit or remove these values. Changing any of these values will cause the app to skip or lose track of products associated to your store.

Shipping Costs

The Marvel Design Collection will charge a flat-rate for shipping based upon the quantity.

After an order is placed, you can confirm the shipping costs by reviewing the Order on the Setting page:

The shipping cost is added to the merchandise total to calculate the final amount that will be billed to your Shopify account.

Resend a Stuck Order

In certain scenarios, an order may get stuck and show a shipping error. If you see this error, then the app will allow you to resend the order after the shipping mapping error is fixed. The “Resend” option will be visible and active only when the error is fixed.

If you see an order with the error shown above, then you must ensure your Shipping Settings are properly mapped. Once you fix this issue, the “Resend” button will become active and will allow you to resubmit the order for manufacturing.



No. Currently we are shipping to the United States at this time.

We have several shipping options to choose from. First-Class Package Service generally takes 2-5 business days, in transit, and USPS Priority Mail generally takes 1-3 business days. 

We use United States Postal Service and Fed Ex Express depending who can deliver faster for your area.


All shirts are printed using state of the art digital direct to garment printers. These specialty printers work much differently than screen printing presses– they use digital files instead of screens and print shirt designs like an ink jet printer would. We take pride being an innovator and experienced company with new t shirt printing technology.

We print on premium T-Shirts made of 100% combed ring spun cotton, unless otherwise noted. You can often find the fabric content for each individual item within the item’s product description. If you cannot, please reach out to our customer service team to learn more.

Our shirts are slightly fitted, which means a little tighter around the waist than the standard everyday T-Shirt. ­­Please refer to the sizing charts available on the product page for details. For more help, you can always contact us ».

As with all cotton products, you can expect our shirts to shrink a small amount during the washing process. To reduce shrinking, you may wash your T-shirt in cold or warm water. Hot water will shrink the t shirts the most, but on average our 100% cotton T-shirts will shrink approximated 3-5% in both the width and height of the garment after being washed for the first time. Youth tees are pre-shrunk.

App Help & FAQ